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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

After 2 and a half years, we still ponder on a question that new couples ask. Do you understand me. Right at the beginning I feel that there is so much understanding, trust, love around us. So much as the point whereby there is nothing on earth that could break this bond. But now this basic question makes us think, is understanding important in relationship to work? Without understanding, can we considered as living? Before we say something, do we thought of what that person's response will be? What if... I say terrible things to my partner, family or friend? Wont they feel sad? Why cant people just think before they do or say anything, isn't all these understanding already? Life doesn't revolves around only me or you or anybody. It revolves around everyone. PUT YOURSELF IN THAT PERSON'S POSITION AND FEEL. Its easy but it requires willingness. Without understanding, there will be no happiness.

P.S. - I'd said I wont give up, I always thought you to be someone better than you thought, someone who is understanding and adorable in your own way. Thats why I am stilling holding on your hands and never stopped loving you. But to be truthful to you, if things continue this way, one day you will be leaving me.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I miss Mimi all of a sudden. :/

Gonna find some pictures and post them. Hmm recently busying with FYP and going on to 3rd year in Poly, Bei's going to have attachment soon. So planning to go Universal Studio before her attachment. Hope to update soon for these alot of months or year.

Wanna share this link by the way www.kang-aussie.blogspot.com Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's time to start thinking about the things and people around you before you jump into your childish and selfish thoughts. No one would respect you if you don't even give the BASIC respect for others. Do stop sometimes and think about everything you do, is it always right as you think as if you thought you're always right, you're wrong. Friendship isn't measured by the deeds you'd done but it's the thoughts within. If it's about the deeds, what about the wrongs you'd done caused you? Treat everyone equally and better for your close ones and not vice versa and apologise for the things you'd done wrong or only God would forgive you without doing it. These were the things I'd realised among some people around me and hope these advise helps for those helpless people. For those who don't even know how to respect others even reading this,

Fuck you!

Beautiful life :]
Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey welcome welcome! Haha it's been more than half a year sinced I updated this rusty blog. Gotta just update here and there or else this gonna be the longest post in history especially of this new 'long' pattern blogskin. Enjoy!

A farewell dinner for Ber before he shave and serve the nation.

Jj's 19th and Derek's 20th Birthday in Party World..

Deneng 21st Birthday!

Catched first fireworks with Bei during fireworks festival! Splendid experience ar.. we'll catch it every year ar~

Mel's 18th Birthday!! Guess what we got for him.. 18 dishes! Haha, even mix the remaining food together sia.. -__-

My 20th birthday~! Celebrated with Bro7her and Bei. Had steamboat and fruits as dessert along Kallang. E37J bought cake for August babies during chalet as well. Thanks all :)
Cant really remember much except for a classmate who got married. Don't know how wish people for marriage, well hope you two loving and sweet eternally.

Bei and I celebrated our 100th day in a romantic restaurant in Botanic garden. Happened to see a swan first time in my life and so close man hah.

Celebrated Ber's 20th birthday outside Plaza Singapura belated cuz due to busy schedules. Though it's simple but hope he enjoyed it la.

Bro7her came over my place on Christmas eve to celebrate Christmas! Got a giant turkey, ham and log cake, full until die even got Mel.

Celebrated Christmas the other day with Bei. Had a dinner at Giraffe, she made a daughter for me, Santarina and a soft toy for her :D Went to Plaza Singapura and made those rubber frame with paints which kids play haha.

Next to serve the nation, Derek! Since he loves to sing, we went to a Karaoke along Chinatown as his 'farewell celebration'.

Chinese new year! Glad that I collected more ang baos this year and had steamboat buffet at Vivo and lau-ed yu sheng.

Spotlight's annual dinner.. Another year had past since I decided to quit Spotlight. Haha no choice, really need this job until I finds a better one.

Valentine's day ar~! Had a surprised dinner on East Coast Park beach for Bei, made a 'belt-buckle' but didnt turn out well. A beanie, boxer and t-shirt for me. Thanks to alot of friends like Huss, Shaw and Sebas who made this day possible. No idea if we're heng or suay, got interviewed by Straits time and featured on newspaper.

Long's 21st Birthday!! Ate alot and celebrated at Mind's cafe and ate hell lot of more food. Old man liao man~ Hope he enjoyed this 'full' day.
Longed for a whole day of fun with Bei, went to Sentosa for the entire day. Bought food from Vivo, went Underwater World, 4D Cinemax, Dolphin's Bay, Beach and Song of the Sea. Had a fun day with Babi XD

Haha super fat compared to previous post right when they're still so young.

E37J First outing.

E37J last outing.

Random funny picture haha.. Cute sia Sarah.

My 2nd class. Great class as well. Didnt spent much time with them compared to first one tho. Take care uh! :D

School is reopening soon so gonna get real busy as getting another job, will update if it's confirmed. Haha I only realised how lucky I am after gathering all these photos and made a post about them. Beautiful life indeed :)


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